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Custom Spring Manufacturing Service

Custom Springs
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Custom Springs

The custom spring manufacturing services offered by Kehr-Buffalo Wire Frame Co. produce compression, extension, and torsion springs designed and made to each customer's specifications. We offer a variety of compression and torsion spring styles with a wide selection of available spring ends. Our extensive material list enables us to make springs that are suitable for almost any application.

We produce springs that measure 0.156" to 150' long with outer diameters ranging from 0.062" to 5.0". Spring wire can be manufactured with a minimum diameter of 0.015" to a maximum diameter of 0.500". Spring operating temperature is dependent on the material; however we can produce springs that have an operating temperature of up to 1200 °F. Our springs are suitable for products such as valves, hand tools, punch and die tooling, guards for hoses or hydraulic lines, and medical devices.

The following table outlines our complete custom spring manufacturing capability. If you would like additional information on our products and services, please contact us today.

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Custom Spring Manufacturing Capabilities:

Type of Spring (Primary) Compression
Compression Spring Styles Standard Compression Spring
Barrel Shaped
Hour Glass Shape
Constant Pitch
Variable Pitch
Compression Spring End Types Squared and Ground Ends
Squared or Closed Ends Not Ground
Open Ends Ground
Open Ends Unground
Extension Spring End Types Machine Hooks
Crossover Hooks
Side Hooks or Loops
Extended Hooks
Coned Ends with Swivel Hooks
Compression Spring with Draw Bars
Double Body Extension Springs
Torsion Spring Styles and End Types Left Hand
Right Hand
Close wound Coils
Pitched out Coils
Double Torsion
Short Hook
Straight Offset
Straight Torsion
Custom Ends
Spring Materials Hard Drawn ASTM A227
Oil Tempered Carbon ASTM A229
Music Wire ASTM A228
Chrome Vanadium Commercial ASTM A231
Chrome Silicon Commercial ASTM A401
Stainless T302 ASTM A313
Stainless T316 ASTM A313
Stainless T17-7PH ASTM A313
Phosphor- Bronze
Spring Brass
Beryllium Copper
Inconel X750
Finishes Plain
Zinc Plated
Nickel Plated
Powder Coated
Shot peened
Equipment CNC Spring Formers
Compression Spring Coilers
Torsion Spring Formers
Spring end Grinders
Short Run Spring Coilers
Numerous Wire Bending and End Forming
Additional Services Assembly
CAD Design of Springs
Custom packaging
Heat Treating
JIT fulfillment shipping
Shot Peening
Stress Relieving
Set Removal
Viberatory Deburring
Operating Temp Material dependent, up to 1200 °F (Inconel)
Part Length
0.156 inch
150 feet
Part Diameter OD
0.156 inch
5 feet
Wire diameter
0.156 inch
Tolerance (+/-) Commercial and Precision tolerances as
determined by the Spring Manufacturers Institute
Advanced Spring Design Software.
Custom tolerances are also available and are
determined by your application.
Production Volume Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume
Small Run
High Volume
Large Run
Long Run
Large Scale Production Volume Run
Typical Lead Time 2 to 4 weeks

Additional Information

File Formats JPG or JEPG

Industry Focus

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
Valve Manufacturers
Hand Tool Manufacturers
Punch and Die Tooling Manufacturers
Guards for hoses or Hydraulic Lines
Medical Device Manufacturers back to top
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